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Aims and Objectives

The following are the aims and objectives of the institute as expounded in its constitution.

  1. To publish books on Islam with a view to explain, interpret and propagate its philosophy and message.
  2.  Translate important books into different languages especially from Urdu into Arabic, English and Hindi.
  3.  To train talented individuals especially youth to enable them to:
    1.  do research in Islamic Studies,
    2.  write books to propagate Islamic teachings,
    3.  translate classic and important Islamic literature into other languages.
  4.  To prepare correspondence courses for propagating the teachings of Quran and Hadith and other related Islamic subjects.
  5.  To popularize the teachings of Quran and Hadith in a way so that the Muslim youth may not only lead their life as a Muslim but also to propagate its message to the world.
  6.  To publish the research of the scholars of the Institute and also those produced by other intellectuals.
  7.  To bring out periodicals, journals, magazines in Urdu, English and Arabic.
  8.  To hold symposia, seminars and lectures on subjects of Islamic interest.
  9.  To establish a library necessary for study and research in the above areas.