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Islam in our times has become a subject of hot debate globally. Its beliefs, mode of worship, ethical viewpoint, laws, political views, economic order and social system are subjected to severe scrutiny and criticism. However, simultaneously, some serious efforts have also been underway for its genuine appraisal. Keeping this phenomenon in view, it is the collective responsibility of the Muslims to counter the criticism targeted against Islam and prove the universality of Islam at both the philosophical and intellectual levels.

By the grace of Allah, the Ummah is conscious of this fact to a great extent. A number of individuals and many institutions have been involved in this endeavour and are contributing to the intellectual richness of Islam at various levels in their own ways. However, the field is very vast and while recognising the contribution of all such efforts, these are far less than what ought to have been done. In fact, the existing state of affairs offers numerous opportunities for a sincere Islamic researcher for this noble cause.

This was the motivation behind the making of an institute named Idara-e-Tahqeeq-o-Tasneef-e-Islami, established by an autonomous society in 1981. The Institute, despite heavy financial constraints, has progressed steadily and performed commendably in areas of Islamic research, training and publication.